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Medicinal cannabis treatment now more affordable in Australia

04 Aug 2021
Medicinal cannabis treatment now more affordable in Australia News image

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG), one of the largest local medicinal cannabis growers and producers, has launched a new ‘affordable’ medical cannabis oil.

The Australian-made ELAN CBD100 oil honours a commitment to improve affordability for families needing the treatment, says ANTG Chief Executive Officer Matt Cantelo.

“Six months ago we made a promise to the public that we would pass on cost savings as we expanded our business,” said Mr Cantelo.

“We are following through with our commitment by offering cannabis oils at the lowest price point in the market, alongside price drops in premium flower.

“We are able to offer the highest level of quality and purity, at this affordable price as a result of the company’s integration and economy of scale.”

Prices for medical cannabis oils range from $190 to $425 for 30ml.

ANTG’s new oil, Elan, is being sold for $174 for a 30ml bottle (at $0.058 per mg of cannabinoid) – almost half the price of some imported products, which still control a large portion of the market.

ANTG has also reduced the sale price of all their strains of medicinal cannabis flower - Rocky, Eve, Solace and Mariposa.

Big demand for medical cannabis

“This will allow Australian families to access the life changing treatment that was previously out of the reach of so many.” 

Demand for medical cannabis has seen record TGA approvals for prescriptions in recent months with June recording 9,461 prescriptions, the third highest monthly figure since medicinal cannabis was legalised and more than doubling last June’s approvals.

“There are more than 100,000 people in Australia who heavily rely on medicinal cannabis for everything from chronic pain and anxiety to epilepsy or palliative care,” said Mr Cantelo.

“ANTG adheres to the highest level of quality and purity - even more so than other countries like Canada, which have been leaders in cultivation of medicinal cannabis.”

ANTG, which recently opened a new oil extraction facility in Sydney, now produces four strains of medicinal cannabis flower and has started production of four oil combinations.

Established in 2015, ANTG partners with research organisations including CSIRO, University of Newcastle and University of Western Sydney, to unlock the potential of cannabis in the fight against cancer, dementia and inflammation.

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