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Ashley’s crystal clear formula for business success

08 Sep 2020
Ashley’s crystal clear formula for business success News image

For thousands of years crystals have been used for their powerful healing properties.

Crystals are extremely good at holding a stable vibration due to their crystalline lattice structure, explains Ashley Bellino, founder of Stoned Crystals.

“We, on the other hand are a very complex mix of vibrations that can easily be disturbed and become unbalanced which makes us sick and unwell, she says.

“Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create Balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us.

And in these challenging times, as businesses struggle to find footing in a rapidly changing retail climate, her Melbourne-based homewares brand Stoned Crystals, is reaching new heights.

Ashley has found a profitable way to recreate the traditional shopping experience online and increase sales by 134% since the temporary closure of their flagship store.

And now she wants to share her success formula with other SMEs, to help them survive and thrive in these difficult times.

Online sales events

Ashley credits Instagram’s live broadcast functionality, the image and video streaming app, for delivering a monthly return in excess of $180k for the brand by merging offline and online selling mechanics in a fully immersive, digital environment.

Aptly named Stoned Crystals Live Sales, the online events are conducted tri-weekly and structured by product category and focus.

Providing a virtual in-store customer experience, the face-to-face broadcasts have become a significant hub for crystal related news, lifestyle tips, styling tutorials, range previews, consulting, and selling.

“Live-streamed broadcasts are the closest thing we have to face-to-face selling in a physically disconnected world,” says Ashley. “When done correctly, it can serve as a profitable income stream and allow brands to cultivate a digital ecosystem specific to their customers’ needs.”

First conceptualised in 2017 and later refined to accommodate the imposed lockdowns, the success of Stoned Crystals Live Sales is attributed to a synergistic mix of purposeful merchandising, entertaining content, smart selling cues, engaging discussions, value-driven promotions, memorable hosts, and practice.

Customers want to see what happens behind the scenes

“In a way, Instagram has transformed into something more intimate,” Ashley says.

“Customers want to see what happens behind the scenes – they want to be part of a brand’s narrative and they want to know they’re cared for well beyond the transaction.”

Ashley recommends the following tips to develop a profitable revenue stream using Instagram Live: 

  • Make the move onlineconsistency across platforms is key
  • Develop a planknow what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it
  • Recreate the offline, onlineit’s all about the visuals 
  • Brand each streamcustomers like structure
  • Introduce a selling mechaniccreate a purchasing identifier
  • Develop a connectionfoster an interactive environment
  • Timing is everythinglet your customers determine run times
  • Marketing is your friendpromote your streams 2-4 weeks in advance
  • Make mistakesit humanises your brand
  • Have funthis is your stage

Founded in 2015, Stoned Crystals is a leader in home décor, crystal styling and well-being, specialising in premium, ethically-sourced gemstones from around the world.

The range that includes the brand’s inaugural Geo Gems Collection, as well as the laser-cut Black Hex (Obsidian), Chevronica (Amethyst), Love Triangle (Rose Quartz), Captain Jack (Pyrite) and Clear Boy (Clear Quartz) has been a popular choice for Australians seeking to create a wellbeing space in the home or office.

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