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Here’s a Clean and Pure way to beat dry, sore lips

11 Apr 2019
Here’s a Clean and Pure way to beat dry, sore lips News image

With winter fast approaching now is the time to protect your lips from cold, harsh weather conditions.

Lip balms are a core necessity for healthy, hydrated lips.

Australian owned and made, Clean & Pure, uses only pure natural ingredients in its lip balms with no chemicals and preservatives – and it’s certainly paying dividends.

The brand is now officially Australia’s fastest growing lip treatment, with one lip balm sold every minute nationwide.

Mark Chapman, Queensland resident and founder of Clean & Pure, says the company has had a 620% uplift in sales since March last year.

“We are thrilled to be Australia’s fastest growing lip balm brand,” he said. “We invest countless hours in sourcing only the purest ingredients and educating Australia (and the world) on the raw goodness of mother nature.

“There’s nothing quite like the Clean & Pure formula on the market.”

Clean and pure_rangeCombined with steam distilled essential oils, Clean & Pure offers an extensive range of flavour profiles. This includes Manuka Honey, Cocoa Butter, Pawpaw, Vanilla, Peppermint, and the brand’s best seller, Tinted Rose – a floral-scented balm infused with a naturally occurring mica pigment to add a healthy red hue to the lip.

World first formula

It is the only brand in the world to use ethically sourced Queensland and Victorian Manuka honey beeswax and extra virgin olive oil (oil obtained from the first press of the olive).

Clean & Pure has perfected this exclusive formula allowing water-based honey to merge with oil and wax in a solid and reliable form.

The Clean & Pure range contains nourishing vitamins and minerals that combat free radical damage caused by UV exposure, and optimises cell regeneration and moisture retention.

Each variant offers distinct benefits for the lips and surrounding skin. They are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive.

Clean & Pure is recommended for daily use and can be worn under lipstick as a lip primer.

How the Clean & Pure story began

Mark Chapman and his wife Melanie moved to the Greek island of Rhodes in 2004 with a property development business Mark was running at the time. They moved into a tiny unit in one of the villages on the edge of the Agean sea.

They tried to live like the local Greeks in what they ate and used. To their surprise, Melanie’s eczema had almost disappeared while living there.

A year later the couple moved back to Australia and back into their regular lifestyle.

A short time later Melanie’s eczema re-appeared and she again needed treatment.

It became obvious that the food and the skin care products they were using while living in Rhodes had helped to improve her skin.

So they began to search for products in Australia that were clean, olive oil based, and pure.

Mums discover the benefits of natural lip balms

There was nothing that was really suitable. So, they began developing their own products.

Melanie showed the new products to other mothers during school pick-ups and drop-offs. Some of the mothers asked for product samples to try themselves.

Seeing a business opportunity Melanie started selling the products online at eBay.

After several years of selling via eBay their orders were getting too big for a small back room business to supply. (5,000 bars of soap in one order take a lot of time to make when you’re using a 12 soap log mould).

So, they decided to invest in better equipment and improve the designs to take Clean & Pure to other markets.

Clean & Pure is now supplied through a host of outlets in Australia and internationally.

Where can I find Clean & Pure?

The range is available Australia-wide online and at all leading pharmacies and health food stores from $4.99RRP.

Clean & Pure is currently ranked as eBay’s top selling lip balm treatment.

The brand is due to release an extensive range of Manuka honey skin and body care products later this year.

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