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Harnessing the power of magnesium to relieve pain

13 Aug 2018
Harnessing the power of magnesium to relieve pain News image

An Australian natural health company has developed a unique pain relief formulation using highly concentrated Australian-sourced magnesium.

The Magnesium Body Range developed by skincare brand Abundant Natural Health provides effective relief from joint and muscle pain. 

The products are formulated with 99.9% natural Australian-sourced Magnesium Chloride and organic citric acid extracted from 100% Australian-grown, purpose-bred cucumbers.

This remarkable cucumber extract acts as a powerful exfoliant, preparing the skin for maximum absorption of the highly concentrated magnesium.

The Abundant Magnesium Body Range, which includes an Ache Relief Gel and a unique pump-action Sport Spray, is the second product line to be launched by the 100% Australian grown, made and owned Abundant Natural Health.

It follows the success of the brand’s Lycopene anti-ageing skincare range launched last year, which showcased the powerful anti-ageing properties of lycopene extracted from purpose-bred Australian tomatoes.

Shanan Birkin, CEO of Abundant Natural Health, is passionate about plant-based skincare, and is excited to share the benefits of the new magnesium range. 

Joint and muscle pain relief

“We discovered and reclaimed this 99.9% natural magnesium from discarded natural resources in Western Australia,” says Ms Birkin, “which we then combined with organic citric acid extracted from purpose-bred cucumbers grown by our sister company, Abundant Seeds.”

“By combining these two powerhouse, naturally-sourced, organic ingredients – highly concentrated Magnesium Chloride, which is proven to relieve joint and muscle pain, and citric acid, a proven skin exfoliant – we’ve created an innovative product that delivers Magnesium through the skin straight into the bloodstream and gets to work on aches and pains immediately. It also energises and hydrates the skin at the same time,” she explains.

Magnesium is one of seven essential macrominerals in the body, and is involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions, including regulating blood pressure, maintaining a steady heart rhythm, and ensuring normal nerve and muscle function.

Strong exercise can cause magnesium deficiency

While increasing magnesium levels can be beneficial to people of all ages and levels of activity, it is of particular importance to athletes due to its vital role in energy production and muscle recovery.

Magnesium is lost through sweat and urine, both of which increase during exercise. The resulting magnesium deficiency can often be the cause of muscle cramps and spasms during activity, and aches and pains afterwards.

“Health professionals have long been aware of the critical link between magnesium and optimal physical performance, however there has been some debate about the most effective way to deliver it into the system,” says Ms Birkin. “We know that oral supplements can be very effective, but they often come with unwanted side effects due to the path they need to take through the digestive system. Delivering magnesium through the skin – known as transdermal delivery – bypasses the digestive tract and avoids those uncomfortable side effects.”

Maximum absorption

One of the key issues identified by researchers with transdermal delivery of Magnesium has been getting it through the skin barrier, however the Abundant Magnesium Body Range has been developed specifically with this in mind.

“Our cucumber extract effectively removes dead skin cells, ensuring maximum absorption of the Magnesium, so it can get to work on aches and pains much more quickly,” Ms Birkin says. “The organic citric acid we use is also vastly superior to the synthetic acids used in other magnesium products available.”

The Abundant Magnesium Body Range also contains a high concentration of magnesium ensuring more effective delivery through the skin.ANH Ambassador group shot - reduced

Working in collaboration with scientists at two of Australia’s leading universities, the research team at Abundant uses cutting-edge technology and extraction techniques to preserve the maximum bioactivity of the ingredients, resulting in highly active skincare products.

Natural alternative

“Our brand is all about celebrating the natural wonders of Australia,” Ms Birkin says.

“We pride ourselves on the purity of our products and the fact that we offer consumers a natural alternative to some of the more synthetic products on the market.”

All ingredients are naturally-sourced or grown in Australia to the highest standards in the most environmentally-sustainable way possible.

“We like to call it natural pain relief with a conscience,” says Ms Birkin.

Popular choice for sports stars

Abundant’s Magnesium Body Range is a popular choice among a growing number of sport participants – from weekend warriors to professional athletes.

Its brand ambassadors include three high-profile Australian professional women soccer stars – Chloe Logarzo, Caitlin Foord and Lisa De Vanna.

Midfielder Chloe Logarzo, who recently represented Australia in the Women’s Olympic Football Team and reached the pinnacle of her sport at just 21 years of age, uses the product to relieve muscle aches and pains.

“It’s easily absorbed into my skin, and it gets to work on any muscle aches I might have straight away,” she says.

Striker Caitlin Foord, who became the youngest Australian to play at a World Cup when she represented the nation at just 16 years of age, says the Sport Spray is ideal for crucial moments mid-game you need quick pain relief.

And Lisa De Vanna is also a big fan, adding: “I also love that it’s a 100% Australian brand, made from locally and naturally-sourced ingredients.

“Having played for Australia for many years, I’m passionate about supporting my country in any way I can.”

The Abundant Magnesium Body Range is available online at:

Magnesium Sport Spray is available for RRP$24.99 and Magnesium Ache Relief Gel RRP$22.99.

About Magnesium

  • One of seven essential macrominerals
  • Important for bone health. It may help improve bone density, reducing risk of osteoporosis in women after menopause
  • May reduce risk of heart disease by reducing atherosclerosis (fatty build-up on artery walls)
  • May be effective in lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension
  • Adequate intake can reduce the risk of developing diabetes
  • May help relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), including bloating, weight gain, insomnia
  • May relieve anxiety
  • May be effective in reducing aches and pains such as growing pains, joint pain, and pain associated with exercise or activity
  • May improve exercise performance and muscle recovery

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