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Back pain: Its causes and how to get relief

26 Feb 2015
Back pain: Its causes and how to get relief article image

Sarah Cannata

Ever woken up with a bad back for no reason?

Chances are, you’re one of the 2.8 million Australians who live with back pain or suffer from a disc disorder.

Given it’s your back that provides support for your pelvis, legs, ribcage, arms and skull, it’s an understatement to say that back pain can really have a negative impact on your life.

While there are many possible causes of back pain, a number of regular nasties tend to be at the root of the majority of back pain issues.

Fractures, strains, disc issues, stress, poor posture, nerve problems (a typical one being sciatica), genetic conditions, diseases… They’re all on the list.

When you are experiencing back pain, especially if it’s quite intense, it’s only natural for you to reach for a quick fix.

Here are four other tips that’ll help you to fend off back pain and lessen its impact on your life in the longer-term.

Tip #1: Watch your posture

Our day jobs see a lot of us sitting down for extended periods which sees us slouching more and more as the day progresses. Try to be conscious of an unbalanced posture – Imagine a vertical line in front of you, aligning your ears, shoulders and hips.

Tip #2: Manage your stress levels

Tension and back pain go hand-in-hand so it’s really important to relax yourself. Find that activity or hobby that allows you to take a deep breath… It could be walking, listening to music… Whatever works!

Tip #3: Exercise!

We mentioned it above but walking really can do wonders. Alongside swimming, it’s a great option to help alleviate back pain as both are gentle exercises that strengthen back muscles.

Tip #4: Seek help               

It you’re experiencing consistent pain, seek out a professional. Manual therapies such as massage and manipulation can make all the difference. Plus, a professional will know what exercises will help you and what activities to stay away from.

(Be aware that professional treatments for back pain could be covered under certain private health insurance policies.)

If you are suffering from back pain, doing so is even more important as you’re likely to need treatment such as physiotherapy and massage (even if it’s in the near future). 

Sarah Cannata is the spokesperson for, a free online comparison service. Feel free to connect with Sarah. 

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