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About Pain is Australia's first industry search engine dedicated to pain management.

Our site provides a comprehensive directory of pain relief products, manufacturers, distributors and industry professionals.

This unique online resource provides an outstanding opportunity for you to showcase your range of products and services to end users.

We feature the latest products, equipment, technology and services dealing specifically with pain relief, treatment, maintenance and prevention.

Your products and services can be prominently displayed to a global audience where every person is looking for solutions.

About Pain also features the latest news and product information for consumers and healthcare specialists.According to the latest Australian Institute of Health & Welfare statistics, more than 3.2 million Australians suffer chronic pain.

Our site is designed to help pain sufferers find expert treatment, pain relief clinics, suppliers, equipment and medication. 



Julie Fletcher

After a successful career in hospitality and finance spanning 20 years Julie has reached a point in her life where it’s time to make a difference.

So why has she launched About Pain? 

Pain is a subject close to her heart. 

She shattered multiple bones in her ankle after a horrific fall a few years ago. After months of agonising pain Julie searched desperately for effective ways to relieve her pain. 

Julie also shared her mother’s pain through two agonising battles with cancer. 

Her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1998 and after surgery and many months of chemotherapy fought hard to beat the disease. 

Five years later her mother discovered a tumour in her breast requiring surgery and months of follow-up treatment. 

Again, she won the battle. 

Julie’s mum has become a cancer survivor and a brave role model for her daughter. She now works tirelessly through the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help other women who have experienced the pain of breast cancer. 

Through personal experience and through her mother's months of suffering, Julie understands how difficult it can be to find relevant information to relieve pain. 

Her desperate search for practitioners, products and suppliers that could provide pain relief for her mother was often frustrating, confusing and time-consuming. 

After sifting through pages of information and even more misinformation, Julie soon discovered the need for a site in Australia to cater for pain sufferers. 

It was time to develop a site where pain sufferers can easily find practitioners, products and suppliers for pain relief. 

About Pain is dedicated to Julie’s mum and all pain sufferers.


Tim Michael

Tim Michael is a journalist, public relations consultant – and a cancer survivor. 

He has had more than 25 years experience in media and media-related industries. 

An A-grade journalist and a former Sports Editor with the Sydney Daily Telegraph, he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2000. 

After major surgery and nearly six months of intensive chemotherapy he survived the ordeal. 

Then in 2010 – another major shock. This time he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

Again he fought against all odds to beat the disease and was back at the computer just days after undergoing more surgery.  

And proving the old theory “everything happens in three’s” he was diagnosed with a skin melanoma in early 2012. After more surgery, once again he survived. 

For the past decade Tim has worked as a freelance writer, editor and public relations executive, boasting an impressive corporate and government client base. 

His main aim now is to help those who suffer from the pain of cancer and those who experience chronic pain. 

Tim brings his media skills to raise awareness of chronic pain in Australia – and to assist pain sufferers in finding much-needed relief.

Welcome to About Pain -  Australia's first pain management search engine. 

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About Pain does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment